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Traveling with your pet

There is a growing trend of taking the family pet on holiday and many places have adapted to that idea. There is a range of pet-friendly accommodation around the world from bed and breakfasts to private hotels, from resorts to camping grounds. There are a few factors to consider when you travel with a pet. You need to make sure that you comply with all the rules that airlines have for traveling with pets. You need to find out what are the pet friendly services that the place you will be staying in offers. For instance they many not offer pet food or it may cost the earth, and so it would be better to carry your own.

If you intend to sightsee, you need to ensure that the hotel provides a pet sitting service. You should also specifically find out what are the pets that the hotel will allow. If you want to plan a vacation with your pet but are totally confused about all the dos and don’tsthat are involved you should get LET’S TRAVEL VACATIONS to plan your trip. LET’S TRAVEL VACATIONS is a travel company in the Bay Area who has had plenty of experience in the travel business and will be able to help you plan your trip. They will be able to do all the necessary research on the feasibility of taking your pet with you and where you can and cannot take them.

It is a great idea to take your pet along with you when you travel as you can be sure that they are with you and safely looked after even if it may inconvenience you a bit. Call LET’S TRAVEL VACATIONS at 408.253.0618 to get more information on traveling with your pet. You can also mail them at Visit their websites at and They have exciting vacation packages to Mexico, cruise vacations and vacation packages to Hawaii.


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