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A beach holiday

A beach holiday is great fun. There are so many activities one can do on a beach vacation. You could just laze around and get some sun or ride the waves depending on the type of holiday you enjoy. It all depends on what you want to do. Mexico and Hawaii are two places famous for their beaches and LET’S TRAVEL VACATIONS has great vacation packages to both these places. They will plan your trip to either of these places at the best rates possible and if you plan well ahead you could get some really good deals on the airfare and accommodation. LET’S TRAVEL VACATIONS is a travel company in San Jose and have had plenty of experience in the travel business.

When going on a beach vacation here are a few must take items. Take a really good strength sunscreen and make sure that you use it every time you go out in the sun. Take extra clothes and the type that will dry quickly if you expect to be spending a lot of time in the water. If you are the type who does not really like using hotel towels, make sure you take enough of your own. Do not take much denim as they take a long time to dry and even if you do take it don’t go into the water wearing them. Take some kind of antiseptic cream for scrapes and such as quite often you get a few scrapes when a wave pushes you over.

You can get in touch with LET’S TRAVEL VACATIONS at 408.253.0618 or mail them at Check out their websites at and The difference with this travel company is that they are very interactive and since they have actually visited most of the places that they plan your trips to, they offer many valuable tips to make your vacation an enjoyable experience.


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