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Earn brownie points with your boss

Your boss has asked you to plan an office trip for him and the senior partners and you have no idea where to start? Stop bouncing off the walls and calm down. There are a few factors to consider when you plan a trip of this kind. You must make sure that everyone is available on those particular dates, determine the budget and ensure that all arrangements are taken care of, including hotel reservations and car rentals. Then find a place that is not only a holiday resort but has all the amenities in terms of communication so that the travelers can still access mail, teleconference etc. It should be a place where business can be mixed with pleasure.

Before making travel arrangements check if anyone has any particular seating preferences on the airplane, if anyone has any kind of allergies, how many pieces of luggage will be taken and if any must be checked. These are small details but important. Let’s Travel Vacations can help you make planning this trip easier on you as they have had experience in almost every aspect of travel planning and have seen it all.

They have great travel packages to Mexico and vacation packages to Hawaii. These places are close enough to make sure that not much time is wasted traveling but it also makes for a great vacation. Visit and to check out the great deals that this travel company offers. Call them at 408-972-0770 or mail to tell them what you are facing and they will be able to plan a great trip that is sure to earn you brownie points with your boss.


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