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A great graduation gift

Thinking of giving your kid a great graduation gift? A gap year to travel through Europe through some of the most beautiful places on earth! Sounds great!! The cultural density and diversity in these cities offers limitless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands etc are some of the most captivating of European countries. But you need to be realistic. Sit with your kid and work out the details. The first thing to decide is the budget. Depending on the budget you can decide which places to include.

Some places are must sees. Some may work out too expensive. You need to find a travel company that will be able to help you plan the trip so that your child gets a nice and safe trip and you will be working within your budget. Let’s Travel Vacations is a travel company in San Jose that will be able to help you with these details. They will give you options from which you can choose the one most suited to your budget and needs.

While you are at it you can also check out the great travel packages that they offer closer home, packages to Mexico and Hawaii. Visit and to check out the great deals they offer. Call 408-972-0770 or mail to plan a wonderful trip for your child.


370 Piercy Road, San Jose, CA 95138. Ph: 408-972-0770, 800-383-9648     CST #1001671-10
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