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A gift for your Dad

Did you forget to wish your Dad on Father’s Day this year? I am sure he understood that you were up to your ears in your life and it’s problems and knows that you love him as much as you did when you were little. But you cannot get rid of the guilt of having missed calling your Dad on Father’s Day and knowing that he would have hung around at home the whole day waiting for your call. Why don’t you make up for the slip? Gift him and your mom a lovely trip to a fantastic destination to make up for your slip up.

Of course you are wondering about how much it will cost and if you can afford it. But what if you can find a travel company that can customize a vacation package for you that is within your budget and is amazing fun for your parents. There are other factors to consider. Your folks are not getting younger so you should make sure that you send them on a relaxing and peaceful vacation where they can do what they want at their leisure. Call Let’s Travel Vacations, a travel company in San Jose at 408-972-0770 and tell them what you need and they will plan a trip for your dad and mom that is truly a fantastic experience.

You can visit their websites at and and take a look at the great vacation packages they offer. They also offer cruises and if your parents are energetic and adventurous you can even plan an adventure vacation for them. You can mail them at for more information.


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