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When to buy?

When is it a good time to travel? When fares are low! You must check to see when you can get a good rate for air fare. Timing is important! Ticket prices are highest on weekends, on average, according to online travel agencies, fare trackers and airline pricing executives. Travel experts say that on Tuesday is when sales are most often in place. An analysis of domestic fares shows that Wednesday also has good—and occasionally better—ticket prices.

"Like bread, fares get sort of stale toward the end of the week," said Bob Harrell, a fare consultant who has tracked airline pricing for years. For this analysis, Mr. Harrell studied all fares filed by airlines over the past 90 days and found Monday was the busiest day for fare changes, followed by Thursday.

This does not mean that air fares will be low every Tuesday or Wednesday. You do have to consider other factors like holidays and events and festivals. A few weeks ago, a Chicago-Atlanta round-trip ticket for April travel dates cost $209 on Tuesday and Wednesday on American and Delta, but then $301 for the next four days. When Tuesday rolled around last week, the fare dropped to $219 at both airlines for the April 8-15 itinerary. By Friday it was up to $307 at both American and Delta. The next Tuesday the fare was down to $229. (courtesy: Wall Street Journal)

A travel company with great travel packages

When you plan your travel, you should find a travel company that is street smart and keeps an eye out for good deals. An experienced travel company like Let’s Travel Vacations is always on the lookout for offers for air fare and accommodation and so is able to provide their clients with great vacation packages at incredible prices. They have vacation packages to Mexico, vacation packages to Hawaii and great cruise vacations to exotic destinations. Visit their websites at and You can also call them at 408-972-0770.


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