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A savvy travel company

Let’s Travel Vacations is a very savvy travel company in San Jose that goes the extra mile to give their clients great travel packages at great prices. Their key to a budget vacation that does not skimp on anything is to keep their eyes and ears open for good deals on air fares and accommodation. Air fare prices fluctuate frequently and the ups and downs of airline prices can frustrate and anger consumers. But airline pricing actually does follow a cycle during the week and this travel company knows that.

Many sales, in which some seats are discounted by 15% to 25% typically, are launched Monday night. When AirTran Airways launched a sale to all its destinations on a Monday competitors matched the lower prices by Tuesday morning. By Thursday or Friday, most sales had already expired. A good travel company makes sure that they get this information to their clients in time for them to take advantage of the offer.

Grab the offer

When airlines want to push through a fare increase, marking up their basic prices across the board usually by $5 or $10, they often do that on Thursday night and then watch to see if competitors match it and if the higher rates stick over the weekend. If competitors balk, prices can be rolled back by Monday morning. (courtesy: Wall Street Journal) Knowing these insider tips is what makes a travel company like Let’s Travel Vacations popular as their clients get the benefit. Visit and to check out this travel company in San Jose. Or you can call 408-972-0770.


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