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Have you never gone on a cruise because you get sea sick? Well, you are missing out on some great vacations. Maybe it is time to bite the bullet and jump in. Motion sickness is due to the fluid in your ear that helps you balance while moving. Some people do not even register this and for some it is agony. Here are some tips to help you get over the motion sickness. Get plenty of rest before the big day and don’t have greasy or acidic food. Coffee is a no-no. Greasy food rolling around in your stomach is not what you want on a ship. While sailing, enjoy the cruise and the scenery but keep the food simple. Do not avoid meals either. An empty stomach can also cause queasiness.

Drink plenty of water but avoid alcohol in any form. Stay out of the sun as that may aggravate the nausea. If there are other people on the ship suffering from sea sickness keep well away. Seeing someone else suffer will just make it worse for you. With all this under your belt, it is time to take the bull by the horns. Call Let’s Travel Vacations who are a travel company in San Jose. They have some great cruise vacation packages that are well planned. You should probably go on a short one for your first time.

This travel company really listens to their client’s needs and plans a trip keeping that in mind. Visit their websites at and to check on the great vacation packages they offer. You can call them at 408-972-0770 to plan your trip for you. You can also mail them at to get information on their vacation packages.


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