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A Hawaiian treat

If you are planning a vacation to Hawaii here are a few tips on the things that you must take.

Clothes: Pack clothes that dry easily because unless you hate water, you will be spending a lot of time in it. Take clothes that do need to be ironed. You may need to pack more than the bare minimum as in Hawaii you find yourself getting wet all the time. Try not to take denim clothes as they do not dry easily. If you do take them, wear them when you are nowhere near a beach. Bring a couple or more of swimwear.

Medicines: Apart from the usual aspirins and antibiotics, take band aids and ointments for scrapes as when you are frolicking in the water you will most probably get a scrape or two. Better to be safe than sorry! So apply an antiseptic cream on your bruises.

Money Belt: This is the safest way of carrying your money around and if you are wearing a T-shirt just hang it over the belt and no one will even see it.

Zip Folder: A must for all your papers including your passports, tickets etc. keep another folder filled with copies in another piece of luggage in case you lose the first.

If you go to a good travel company you will receive all this advice as part of the package. That is why Let’s Travel Vacations has clients that keep coming back. They do not just book your tickets and forget about you. They make sure that you have a safe and comfortable trip. They have vacation packages to Hawaii that you should check out. They also have group tours to other places. Visit their websites at and Call 408-972-0770 or mail to get in touch with this travel company in San Jose.


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